Latest Update On the 19 year old fisherman who allegedly defiled and completely damaged a 9 year old girl at komenda


After the investigative report by report kwame Asare on 8, November, 2017 which brought to the attention of public on the above defilement case which was slated for another court hearing on 16, November, 2017.

The case has been yet again adjourned to 22 of November 2017 for a hilarious reason.

The cape coast circuit court 2 presided over by Justice Kofi Seshi Amatewe, after the state Attorney called for the case to be presided waited for 4 hours but the accused Francis Thompson aka Appaihtus refused to show up in court for some trivial reason.

The father of the accused told the court that the son had gone for fishing and not yet back that is why he is absent.

Meanwhile the victim’s cracks still deepens as the accused hovering around pounding insult on victim’s family

Kwame Asare


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