Reasons why the youth are dying lately has become a trending news in the country now, but the question is why are they dying, what’s causing their death, is it natural or artificial death.
So in an interview with honorable Alexander Gyamfi who is the Assembly member for both Amanfrom and Ohwim and double as the assistant headmaster for Achiase junior high school in the Atwima Nwabiagya district shared his own views and opinions.

He started by saying that, the youth are dying early, is true and is their zeal for early money.

A youth will never wants to be involved in blue colour jobs but rather the white colour ones, so they will goto any extent in their lives to get everything they want too, and some will kill, others will robb and the girls will find themselves in prostitution, so all these behaviors will ends up killing them at the end.

So teachers and parents and others must advice their wards on what will happen to them if they involve themselves .

Immoral behaviors like sex and others are also another causes to their death. Some take in drugs, alcohol and medicines which they think can boost their sexual activeness, but some ended up dying and others too having many health implications.

He also said that youth exuberance is also one of the major cause of the youths dying early.

Youths of our generation wants everything they lay hands on or see, but they never sit down to ask themselves how that person came by them, even the years it takes the person to get them.

He also said that some of the death are mysterious ones, this is a situation where a youth will be stealing for a living, and others chasing married man for money, when they are caught some are beaten to death, others are curse to death.

But in all these he gave an advice to the youths out there and the country at large, that the youth are the future leaders of our generation now and the generations to come, so the social medias are to do their jobs well, and not involves themselves much on our political issues and neglect our cultures. So the stakeholders, NGO’s a must come together so we can help fight and prevent our youths from dying.
Ellen Kyei Baffour.


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