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Ghanaians have complained elaborately and condemned the use of abusive words and insults in locally made Kumasi movies by the ‘Kumawood’ industry.

A lot of people seem to think that the insults in kumawood movies contribute to the low patronage it witnesses and as a result, the collapse of the promising industry.

However, according popular kumawood actor, Kojo Nkansah, insults do not have anything to do with the low patronage of kumawood movies.

He shared this in a recent interview on hitz fm.

Lil Win detailed that some insults in twi movies are commonly used words in our societies and so people shouldn’t take it serious.

He stated that people make it seem like all kumawood movies come with insults, which is farthest from the truth.

“Movies are broken into scenes, and so sometimes we try to express ourselves in a way that will suit the scene. Imagine you are an old man and someone offends you, you most likely wouldn’t laugh about it, rather you will use words befitting the issue at hand” – He said in Twi.

He continued to say that speaking in local language sometimes makes it seem like the actors are being overly rude or insulting, whereas, these very words are used on a daily basis in the English language with little to no problems at all.

“Some people insult in English but when those same words are used in the local language like Twi, it becomes a problem” – He said.


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