Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi , the General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel in Kumasi popularly known as Eagle Prophet, has deepened the controversy surrounding the Kumasi Academy student’s deaths.

According to him the deaths of these children are as a result of a spiritual attack.

The dining hall is currently a residence of some evil spirits the school, he added

He also stated that God has a plan to raise a generation that will take responsible roles in the country but there is a strategic plan by the devil to wipe off these children whose destinies are tide to these plans by God.

“Those future children who carry the destiny of Ghana which is known by the devil are those being attacked by these evil spirits.

They are destined to achieve all what their parents failed to attain in life.

“I am standing as a prophet; the source of the death toll of these children is a spirit at the dining hall” he said

The evil spirit is at the dinning, and pollutes their food with this spirit of death, I am sounding a caution to the authorities in charge to check those in charge of the dining hall and the food served each day”, He emphasized.

Speaking on Ahotor FM’s morning Show (Oman yi mu nsem) with Emmanuel Quashie (Hit man) on Wednesday 6th December further stated that authorities in charge of investigations on the cause of these deaths should also focus on the spiritual aspects as wel by inviting pastors to the school to cast out this evil spirit.
Kwame Asare


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