Kuami Eugene may be a good songwriter and a musician but he’s a silent person when it comes to fashion and was labeled one of the worst dressed celebrities of our time.His dressing is awful and people always questioned who is his fashion designer.

He is no longer incoming artist and it’s normal for people to talk about his dressing and also it’s part of showbiz and forms a part of his brand ,if not people judge of his sense of fashion,he is just broke to afford food clothing.

He was judged of stealing “stealing“ his new song “confusion “and now he is on the judge board of wearing a faded black shirt to Ebony’s one week observation.
It’s difficult to tell the actual colour of his top and can’t positively says its black ,it’s almost as if the shirt is struggling to fit into any color we were taught at school.

Furthermore we expect the color to be black but it’s not obviously that ,it’s an old shirt that has survive its strength but “Rock Star”wouldn’t let the dress to have a rest.

Trust social media to pull out the imperfections and as seen in the photo below,he wore a faded black shirt that’s kuami Eugene.It won’t be a big deal if he was nobody but now he has some hit songs on the street but people expect him to dress better or in fashionable way.maybe it’s about time lynx Entertainment,the record label he’s signed under pays critical attention to his dressing.

They should get him a stylish or let kidi coach him on such level.
Therefore people from outside said that maybe is because of the shade he was ,that’s why he didn’t see he was wearing unfashionable dress.


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