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The Member of Parliament for the Adansi Asokwa Constituency should better shut up and focus on his parliamentary primaries.

The Adansi Asokwa Constituency is not his family Stool or property. Since 1996, K.T. Hammond has been allowed to contest the Seat unopposed. This is the first time the Adansi Asokwa Constituency is experiencing keen contest and it is very healthy for the growth of the Party in that Constituency.

Since 1996 what monumental achievements has K.T. Hammond offered to the good people of Adansi Asokwa Constituency? He should keep quiet and allow the process for the conduct of Parliamentary elections in Adansi Asokwa.

Who are you K.T. Hammond to prevent someone from contesting you? Who are you K.T. Hammond to determine whether someone is qualified to contest or not?

Setting the records straight, Chairman Wontumi is currently more relevant to the 2020 Victory of the Party than Hon. K. T. Hammond. Chairman Wontumi may have his weakness just like anyone but frankly speaking his achievements for the Party surpasses entire years of K. T. Hammond in Parliament.

We have equally seen far more better Members of Parliament than K.T. Hammond in the New Patriotic Party.

Signed by Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder and President)



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