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In August 2012, John Mahama as sitting President received an overwhelming endorsement of 99.5% to lead the NDC in the 2012 National Presidential Election but managed to garner 50.7% of the national votes characterized by fraud and irregularities which was subsequently challenged at the Supreme Court.

In November 2015, John Mahama again as sitting President received endorsement of 95.1% to lead the NDC in the 2016 National Presidential Election but managed to garner 44.4% of the national votes.

All instances(2012 & 2015), John Mahama went unopposed in the NDC Presidential Primaries.

2018 Presidential Primaries will be the first time in the history of NDC that John Mahama is facing a stiff competition from prominent gurus of the Party such as Bagbin, Alabi, Spio and slyvester.

For NDC internal Presidential Election:

(a).2012–John Unopposed—99.5%

(b). 2015—John Mahama Unopposed—95.1%

(c). 2018—-John Mahama competing with others—-???? 85% according to Okudzeto Ablakwa.

Therefore, going by Hon. Okudzeto Ablawka 85% prediction for John Mahama in ndc’s 2018 Presidential Primaries, it is very likely that John Mahama shall garner 37.1% in the 2020 National Presidential Election.

We are very grateful to Okudzeto Ablakwa for his 85% prediction for John Mahama.

John Mahama is totally discredited if he is unable to secure above 95% in the ndc’s 2018 Presidential Primaries. We hope that the Unity Walk, Regional Chairmen and 94 MP’s endorsement will do the magic for John Mahama.

Depletion is affecting John Mahama electoral performance, from 99.5% to 95.1% to proposed 85%. Again from 50.7% to 44.4% to proposed 37.1% in 2020.

Signed by
Razak Kojo Opoku
NPP Activist & CVM Founding President.

Kwame Asare


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