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During this difficult period of Coronavirus pandemic, John Mahama has NOT offered any help to the Wives of Prof. Mills, Amissah Arthur and Maxwell Mahama. God help these Poor Widows for me.

Prof. Mills helped John Mahama to become President by default after his demise, Amissah-Arthur faithfully served John Mahama as Vice-President from 2012 to Janury 6, 2017. Maxwell Mahama too is the lost soldier Nephew of John Mahama.

Meanwhile, family members of John Mahama in Bole are also complaining of neglect by John Mahama in this era of Coronavirus pandemic.

Charity begins at home

I am humbly pleading with Candidate John Mahama to extend help to the Wives of Prof. Mills, Amissah-Arthur, Maxwell Mahama as well as his family members in Bole in these difficult moments of Coronavirus pandemic.

I am respectfully urging John Mahama to forget about his Wife loggerheads with the Wives of Prof. Mills and Amissah-Arthur and support them accordingly as a compassionate leader. Even GITMO Two received compassion from you, how much more the Wives of Prof. Mills, Amissah-Arthur and Maxwell Mahama?

Signed by Razak Kojo Opoku
(Advocate for Poor Widows)


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