JATO Co-operate Distilleries shuts down



The Chairman of Jato Cooperate Distilleries Mr. Reuben Narh-Doku has stated that the high cost of raw material especially sugar which is the major material use in the production of drinks and high rate of taxes leveled against them has compelled most of his members to stop working since they cannot afford.


This he said resulted in the redundant nature of most workers. ‘’most people in the community are out of work due to this crises which have befall them’’, he stated.

Mr. Reuben was speaking in an exclusive interview where he indicated that Jato is a farming community in the Suhum Municipality in the Eastern Region with the population of seven hundred people and that the current state of the Distilleries companies pose serious danger to livelihoods of the people.

He noted that the association was meant to eliminate unemployment situation in the community but currently the crises has developed into a situation where the youths are idling in their houses doing nothing which is a big challenge for the community.

‘’Until the high prices of raw materials and taxes are reduce the production of drinks in Jato will be a thing of the past’’, he added, and appealed to government, the MCE, MP of Suhum Municipality to come to their aid help save the situation and also assist the cocoa growing communities.

Story by, Maame Abena

JATO Co-operate Distilleries shuts down