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The implementation of the flagship and top-notch policy of Free SHS has come under serious attacks and unnecessary criticism from the Campaign Team of John Mahama and, political neophytes such as Joshua AKamba, Chief Biney, Sammy Gyamfi and other members of the NDC.

NDC has never appreciates any pro-poor policies which have the potential to bring about empowerment and enlightenment to the good people of Ghana.

Free SHS Policy is aimed at human resources development, transformation and empowerment, serving as a catalyst for the future generation to address the various socioeconomic and developmental challenges facing this Country.

There are some prevailing challenges facing the Free SHS Policy but notwithstanding, PresidentAkufo-Addo’s Government has committed itself to address those challenges facing the Free SHS Policy and hopefully by the next academic year, most of these challenges would have been solved.

Members of the NDC should note that they are rather mocking themselves for their inability within 27 years of political power to put the necessary infrastructure in place for the Senior High Schools in Ghana.

The students and Parents Association of Ghana(PAG) would never fall for the amateurish propaganda of the NDC against the Free SHS Policy.

I would like to urge the Ghana Education Service and Headteachers to strictly enforced and adheres to the rules, regulations and Code of Conduct governing the day-to-day administration and management of the Senior High Schools in the Country.

Parents should also take good care of their children at the Senior High Schools especially the Girls so that they dont become vulnerable and victims to the evil plans of NDC and John Mahama.

These innocent School Children are secretly videotaped and recorded by the evils agents of John Mahama for mischievous purposes without the knowledge and consent of these school children, and that act of secretly videotaping and recording these innocent school children is criminal in nature.

The NDC are using the recorded video and audio to blackmail these school children and if not stopped can affect the future lives of these innocent school children.

It is our collective responsibility to protect the dignity and lives of the innocent school children from the evil hands of John Mahama and his assigned agents.

Statement by Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder and President)

kwame Asare


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