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Most Ghanaians have still not recovered from the shock of their lives after the non performing AKUFFO ADDO_BAWUMIA government maliciously and shambolicaly removed Mrs Shallot Osei to pave way for this incompetent Jean Mensah and Bossman Asare electoral Commissioners.

Brought for a rigging mission, Jean Mensah never acted in fairness, transparency and accountability but rather capriciously and maliciously,with the sold objective of securing a second term for AKUFFO Addo_Bawumia against the true will of the people of Ghana with a strong backing of the amarteurs of the law.

Jean Mensah began her mission of rigging by insisting the general Secretary of NDC,Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah never laughed at IPAC meeting which failed.She quickly turned to inviting NDC for IPAC meetings with date different from the real date for themselves and the NPP.

They later run to the media singling out NDC as a threat to our democracy.

As if that was not enough,she later landed on their master plan of compiling a new register against all logic and safety precautions under COVID_19.
Demonstrations upon demonstrations never bothered her as she was keenly on executing a rigging agenda.

Ghanaians were intimidated and yet registered to express their franchise for change.

There came 7th December, the day of expressing our disdain and the uncompromising stand of rejecting a family builder to bring back a nation builder,John Dramani Mahama.

The determination was great,the resolve UNFLINCHING.Just as the joy was easily sighted on the face of the 4_year long several Ghanaian.

The NDC catapult from 106 seats in parliament to 140 seats but for the use of state sponsored security to kill to bring that to 137 seats with President Mahama 47.34% against AKUFFO ADDO true score of 49.78% demanding a round off.
Severally errors were made in declaring the underserved winner AKUFFO ADDO yet
The highest court of the land gave it ruling in his favor.

Only to wake up on 18th April,2021 reading a letter inviting John MAHAMA and his NDC to an lPAC meeting to evaluate the supposedly excellent and fair it not stupidity to invite John MAHAMA to come listen to how his mandate was stolen?
Grateful on our part is the availability of sound minds at Adabreka,who turned down this preposterous invitation.An invitation to be mocked at.
Jean Mensah must go at all cost legitimately.



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