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On the 10th of November 2019, student delegates from across higher learning institutions in Ghana travelled far and near to the Islamic University College, Ghana to elect for Ghanaian Students a new breed of leaders to man the affairs of the union NUGS.

Owing to the long disunited front of the union, and the very strong awakening force of fellow Ghanaian students in the struggle to unify the front, nothing seemed possible to obstacle the driving agenda. The focus, vision and mindset were one and simple; To Drive NUGS The Students Way.

The exercise was regarded historic and for those who had the opportunity to be part of proceedings, it presented a rare moment for everyone who participated to write their names in the unification process and the soothing end of it thereof.

The fierce presidential polls ended in a victory for Isaac Jay Hyde, a postgraduate Law student at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

This landmark victory signifies an important step in consolidating the Union to create a powerful mouthpiece for Ghanaian students everywhere.

Linda Asare


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