Is Chelsea looking at a Carlo Ancelotti return?


Will Chelsea replace Jose Mourinho with Carlo Ancelotti?

Could Chelsea be looking towards the future by (again) reaching for the past? It could very well be true, that is if recent rumors are to be believed. Billowing smoke clouds have grown that the team might be interested in bringing back Carlo Ancelotti, should the club sack incumbent coach Jose Mourinho.

Ancelotti coached the club from 2009 to 2011 and, outside of Mourinho’s first go-round, led Chelsea during one of its greatest three-year stretches. Under Ancelotti, the Blues won the Community Shield in 2009, and then both the Premier League Championship and FA Cup in 2010 – the first time the club had ever simultaneously held both titles. However, under the weight of expectations the coach flamed out one year later and was replaced by Roberto Di Matteo. Ancelotti turned down a chance to lead AC Milan this past summer.

As far as Chelsea’s current state, well, things are in the pits. The Special one has fallen into his typical third-year trapping, with the Blues all but plummeting off the face of the Earth just one season after winning the Premier League Championship and the Football League Cup. Eight games into the 2015-16 season and Chelsea finds itself with a lackluster 2-2-4 record and abysmal -5 goal differential (tied for third worst in the EPL). The Blues currently sit in 16th position, a mere two slots away from the relegation cutoff.

Mourinho went slightly off the rails following Saturday’s defeat to Southampton, claiming the club will have to fire him because he will not shirk his duties. Chelsea has since responded by giving its embattled manager a vote of confidence – usually the sports equivalent of a kiss of death.

“The club wants to make it clear that Jose continues to have our full support. We believe we have the right manager to turn this season around and that he has the squad with which to do it.”

Chelsea went back to the well when it hired Mourinho for a second stint and, for a while, things worked out well. Could the club be hoping to catch lightning in a bottle twice in as many tries? Time will tell if there’s actually a fire causing the Ancelotti smoke clouds, or if it’s all bluster.

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Is Chelsea looking at a Carlo Ancelotti return?