Rev. william Owusu who is the congregation leader of body of love international chapel located at suame magazine makro opposite the Barkley’s bank in the Ashanti region do ghana said in a granted interview with Bernard Asahin a journalist from that the cause of insecurity in this country is as a result of some influence of some bad music and alcohol.

According to him, he said in the interview that , there are those people who is in charge of our security systems in this country “Ghana” they need to focus on their work and do their work properly and stop attaching themselves into polities so that they can be bold enough to stand on their authorities for them to be able to use the law to work said rev. William Owusu.

Again he continue in saying that the drinking of alcohol by some people in the country is getting out of hands and also the listening of bad music by some people also Leeds to the cause of insecurity in Ghana

Bernard Asahin


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