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Ghanaian Rapper, E.L has attributed illiteracy and lack of enlightenment to the reason most people do not appreciate his music.

”Society has not been enlightened enough, excuse me to say, they are not educated enough to understand my music. I have chosen not to dumb it down and because of the way people perceive rap, they’ll think I’m not making sense,” he said on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz.

E.L, born Elorm Adablah, has explained that most music lovers, including rappers, have a twisted perception about hip-pop and thus their failure to understand the lyrics of his songs.

“Hip-pop is poetry, puns, punch line and metaphor. People do not understand my songs because of the metaphor and vibes I use; they do not understand I am an alien who processes things a little different than the average person,” he bragged.

According to him, he is not bothered when fans criticise his work of arts, adding that it is a result of Ghana’s stage on the musical ladder.


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