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A group call coalition of Friends (CAF)of Anas has today encouraged all Ghanaians to move in their numbers to go and watch the premiere of Anas’s exposé with no fear and panic.

Below is the press release from CoFA (Coalition Of Friends of Anas)


For Immediate Release

7th June 2018


Tomorrow will be a remarkable day in the history of this country. The cover of corrupt officials in our football will be blown for all to see: all thanks to indestructible Anas.

We the ordinary citizens who have been denied access to good healthcare, quality education, motorable roads, portable drinking water, etc even in the abundance of the plenitude of wealth in our country in addition to taxes, due to stinking corruption, are very much grateful to Anas Aremeyaw Anas and all other anti-corruption crusaders. In showing our appreciation to Anas for his magnificent work which comes with its daunting challenges and sacrifices, we throw our unwavering support behind him.

The ordinary citizens in this country further sends a stern warning to the likes of Kennedy Agyapong, that we will crush them should they make any funny moves: be it smear campaign, slander, calumny, threats, etc on Anas. Anas Aremeyaw Anas is the man of the ordinary Ghanaian; he is our official mouthpiece.

Ahead of tomorrow’s event: premiering of number 12 which the BBC calls an ‘earthquake’, there have been threats from some unscrupulous cowards. These rumours of danger just like the nauseating noise pollution by Kennedy Agyapong, are meant to scare citizens with an end game plan to stop them from going to watch number 12.

We wish to implore citizens to come out massively and watch the video without any fear. Where the will of the masses is loud, bombs nor guns cannot stop them. Our will and resolve to root out corruption, is far stronger than the threats of harm. This strong will is what will drive us out of our homes to all the centers of premiering tomorrow and in the coming days.

Coalition of Friends of Anas would however not take chances and so we are calling on the police to provide adequate security to cuel any mayhem that some evil-nurtured politicians may plot against innocent citizens who may come to demonstrate their abhorrence against corruption by watching number 12. Every single threat from those evil-nurtured people like Kennedy Agyapong ought to be taken seriously. Should there be any security breaches at tomorrow’s event and all other events after tomorrow, Kennedy Agyapong should be the first point of investigation. Kennedy Agyapong’s threats on Anas and his supporters are enough to make him a subject of investigations.

Finally, we want to underscore the point: ordinary citizens of this land must begin to look in the face of self-serving, self-seeking, avarice-driven, hedonistic, wick, evil-nurtured politicians and tell them in the face; enough is enough. Our resolve to ensure equitable distribution of state resources must be enough to overpower the misguided desires of corrupt officials.

God bless Ghana!

Yours in Service

Sulemana Issifu, Convener

Kwame Asare


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