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Honestly, the kind of things we see and hear on social media these days will make you want to turn your phone off, pack your bags, go and reside on the wilderness somewhere and fast for 40 days and 40 nights for the second coming of Christ.

So this social media user with the name Ansah Qweku, decided he had cracked the secret code to putting a stop to infidelity in relationships. Well done Sir!

He suggested that women who have been cheated on by their partners should take revenge on them by putting their menstrual blood in the stew of their partners and feeding it to them.

Sometimes I wish the criteria for possessing a social media account was a lot more vigorous than just having a smartphone. The stupidity of late is too much.

Ghana’s ‘Da Vinci’ wrote, “If Your Boyfriend Cheats On You, Don’t Cry, Just Put Your Menstrual Blood In His Stew.


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