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Ace broadcaster and 35 year old Caroline Sampson of YFm was in an interview with HitzFm’s Andy Dosty following her long absence from the entertainment scene last year.

Explaining her condition, she said she was down with several health issues and took the time off to seek proper medical attention;with a total of about 4 different surgeries in a year.

She went on to describe the first few months of the year(2018) as one of the most painful experiences as she was diagnosed of Piles [locally referred to as Kooko], and went on to have her first surgery to correct the condition.

She explained that those fews months were the worst for because she felt the pain in every way; almost like she was loosing it,and also added that her little son had it very hard because he had to be around to witness her go through it all.

Her second surgery however was to correct an eye problem she was battling with in the past which however developed into a bigger eye condition .

Yet again, she was faced with the decision of having to get another surgery to correct the condition on her left eye; which was a success too but the pain was obviously not left out.

Caroline further explained that her final surgery was a double surgery.

Recounting the situation as shameful as she bled continuously for 4 months. She added that she was referred to a doctor at Korlebu by her friend and media colleague- Delay .

Diagnosed of a tumour of some sort,she said asked that she be operated on immediately. She also said that a fibroid was detected just about the time of completing the first one and was also checked eventually.

When asked if she wasn’t scared about the final surgery considering the fact that she’s had had a couple surgeries already, she said;

“the worst pain I felt was in from January when I found out about the piles and the great ordeal I went through during the period, so I kind of felt I could do this one; besides I didn’t want to enter 2019 with any sort of sickness”

Looking back at all these experiences, it is quiet unbelievable to see Caroline all strong and cheerful going about her business.

She was also spotted at a Huawei mobile launch earlier this year and has been back at her radio job at Yfm since.


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