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The whole idea of changing one’s skin complexion for the purpose of ‘beautification’ is honestly still a mystery to me. Lots of people, women especially, indulge in bleaching their God given skins all in an attempt to look a certain way in the eyes of the world, neglecting their true melanin nature in the process.

Aside all the dangerous health side effects that bleaching comes along with, it just goes a long way to show one’s lack of self identity, self esteem and abandonment of one’s true African heritage.

To be honest, the risk to reward ratio is absolutely tilted towards a very detrimental position for those who embark on this rather unnecessary journey. Well, I think that’s enough ranting for one article.

Mzbel, popularly known for her ’16 Years’ hit song and her controversial personality, is one that has preached about her bleaching expeditions in past times, boldly claiming her use of skin enhancement products to give her a desired look.

However, coming to the realization of her ways has decided to put a halt to the practice. She stated in an interview, “I have come to understand life and I am trying to connect to who I am, as a black person I don’t think I have to be apologizing for being black.”

“I don’t care if people start saying I am black now, being white is not who I am and anytime I see someone with dark completion I jealous the person. I move from Church to Church because I’m on a spiritual journey to quit bleaching”, she told Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu show.


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