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Dancehall King Shatta Wale, is slowly building up momentum towards his upcoming WONDERBOY album launch, and he has taken to social media to reveal some personal facts surrounding the WONDERBOY album and his journey to the top.

In a Facebook post he indicated, “the story about the #WONDERBOYALBUM comes with happiness and sadness but all was a plan God made for people to see HIS POWER”.

The controversial musician highlighted that God gave him a second chance in the music industry after he faded out initially under the Bandana brand. “Most people thought i would just play with this second chance God gave me but the oath i have with the Lord made me get here it wasn’t by my strength” he said.

He concluded by saying that some of the things he has had to go through, many in his shoes would have given up, but he didn’t and it was all by God’s grace.

He wrote, “i know you will all bare with me that i have been through a life many of you might just give up but like i tell you all always “Never ever give up ” i knew i was just close to the end of the tunnel ,i just knew it ..IT WAS BY HIS GRACE !!!!”


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