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In the recent heat of the Bhim Nation and Blakk Arm controversies, Kelvynboy was in an interview with Andy Dosty this morning.

He was heard answering some of the most troubling questions about his career, Stonebwoy and all the negative speculations about his “unappreceative” behaviour and the several other disturbing controversies about him.

The former BMG signee has came clear about all the happenings leveled against him.

He added on that he didn’t wrong Stonebwoy in any way ;thus didn’t see the need to render an apology, even though he claimed he did several times.

But the big question here is; why would you apologise if you did no wrong? And what are you still seeking apology for?

He added that, he felt Stonebwoy wasn’t ver proud of him like everyone else was during his time at BMG.

As if he hadn’t said enough already, he futther added that while at BMG, he financed about 80-90% of his music videos, which are still under BMG as Burniton Music Videos.

With all said, we can clearly attest to the fact that the young lad feels hurt by all that has been happening and is still standing by the fact that he did no wrong: but is still seeking to be vindicated from the allegations of ‘ungratefulness’ labelled against him.


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