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The Paris Saint German Forward- Neymar(10), despite attepmts by rival clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona for a speculated transfer has finally come clear with his objectives for his team and himself.

After setting a €222 million transfer record from former club Barcelona, Neymar was seen in the news for yet another transfer from PSG.

With the transfer window now closed, many are still asking questions about his next move as the Spanish Side- Barcelona are reportedly making advances at getting him back.

In response to all the speculations about his supposed transfer, he made a statement in an interview that appears to be his final decision on the matter.

In the interview, he said:”My focus has been on PSG the moment the transfer window was closed, and I am determined to be as focused as I have always been.”

On the issue of his health and injury status, he also made a statement on how he was managing the condition and what he was going to do to help the team in the coming days.

He added: “Unfortunately in these two years, I’ve had alot of injuries that were serious and ended up making me miss a lot of games, but when I was on the field, it corresponded.If you look at all my numbers, its the greatest and I’m glad to be able to help my team-mates and PSG.” -he said.

With this new development about the Brazilian star, we hope that all other clubs finally close whatever deals they have set in motion or are yet to make in acquiring him, as he has made his stay at PSG very obvious.


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