Hundreds flee Bujumbura neighborhoods ahead of disarmament deadline


Residents who were fleeing with their belongings in cars, others were using motorbikes, others on bicycles and the poorest ones had their belongings on their heads.

Pierre Nkurunziza

“I am fleeing along with my wife and my children because we don’t want to die at the expiry of the deadline set for Nov. 8 for the voluntary disarmament,” a resident of Mutakura who requested anonymity told Xinhua.
He however indicated that he does not know “where” he is seeking asylum.

Another man added that his family members are “stranded” as children sought refuge at their relatives’ houses while parents have also sought refuge somewhere else.

“We are leaving behind in our houses some of our belongings like furniture and other heavy things. We don’t know whether we will find them when we come back,” said the fleeing residents.

According to them, not everyone is a criminal, but added that they need peace to carry out their activities.
As the ultimatum for a voluntary disarmament given on Nov. 2 by Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza to citizens living in neighborhoods hosting “insurgents” to leave them within five days ends Saturday, people have been fleeing their neighborhoods.

Mutakura and Cibitoke are among the neighborhoods accused of hosting “insurgents.”

In the message to the nation on Nov. 2, Nkurunziza warned that “all means” would be used by security forces to disarm “insurgents” at the expiry of the deadline as of Nov. 8. Enditem

Source: Xinhua

Hundreds flee Bujumbura neighborhoods ahead of disarmament deadline