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It has been captured in the Offinso State Book that a hunter known as Bofour Ankomah founded Akomadan. He was part of a group from Denkyira who settled at Techiman Baamire around 17th century.

His hunting expedition brought him to the present day Akomadan. He discovered River Akomadan and built what is known as “Nanso” at the bank of the river where he processed his meat. There was no human settlement from River Tano to present day Nkwankwaa.

His hunting activities led him to meet one Bofogya, another hunter who founded Abofour. Bofogya was a hunter for Otumfour. On his return to Kumasi, Bofogya reported to Manhyia of a stranger on Asante land from Techiman. An emissary was dispatched immediately to bring Bofour Ankomah to Manhyia for his illegal occupation on the Asante land.

When Bofour Ankomah was been sent to Manhyia, and on reaching Akomadan, he saw an elephant and it was agreed among the emissary that he could kill it. So he shot the elephant.

They all followed the animal until it fell down. And to their surprise, the elephant fell on its back instead of its side.
Bofour Ankomah removed the chest region of the elephant, two of its ears and the two ivories and sent them to Manhyia. The chest region is the elephant skin on which sikadwa sits according to oral history.

Otumfour was pleased about the work of Bofour Ankomah. He officially permitted Bofour Ankomah to settle on the land but he was to pay allegiance to Manyia. Otumfour gave one ivory and one ear of the elephant to him together with a gun as a sign of approval.

The Bofour Ankomah descendants in Akomadan continue to have the ivory, the ear and ,the gun in their custody today.
The relatives and many settlers came to settle at Ankomah Nanso as the forest was full of game. The name “Ankomah Nanso” was later corrupted to become Akomadan.

Source: Offinso State Book

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