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Alternative herbal medicine practitioners have called for recognition of their drugs to be used in the various health facilities across the country as an alternative for the treatment of diseases in these facilities.

Herbal medicine practitioners, Dr kwaku Edu Mohammed of Edu herbal clinic at Mankessim Baifikrom, who made the call stated that alternative herbal medicine has proved efficacious and potent in the treatment of many chronic diseases that orthodox medicine cannot cure.

However, He said financial support to produce their medicines in larger quantities remains one of the major challenges facing herbal medicine practitioners.

According to Dr kwaku Edu Mohammed, over 70% of Ghanaians have now resorted to the use of herbal medicine for treatment because of its proven efficacy and potency, as compared to the previous years.

Moreover He pointed out that it is now time for the government to accept and allow herbal medicine to be used in the various health facilities in the country as an alternative to orthodox medicine.

They noted that when this is done, it will help reduce the deaths rate in these facilities as a result of lack of treatment of some diseases.

All members of the Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers and Traditional Medicine Practice Council, they produce variety of herbal drugs for the treatment of various diseases.

Edu Herbal Clinic produces balms for the treatment of health conditions, such as candidiasis,epilepsy, infertility in both male and female, stroke and diabetes.

“We will show government if refuse to assist out aid” he stress



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