GOGSPA disappointed with MPs against Atuabo project


The Ghana Oil and Gas Service Providers Association has issued a statement condemning

parliamentarians who are against the completion of the Atuabo Gas Project.


Full Statement

Our notice has been drawn to a recent press release issued by five parliamentarians in which they

seek to hold back the development of the Atuabo Freeport Project. The Atuabo Freeport project is

a significant public private partnership aimed at creating a dedicated oil and gas port along the

coast of Ghana to serve the emerging oil and gas industry. Any action to hold back its development

can only be detrimental to the many service providers the industry requires.

As service providers, the new port will provide us with the opportunity to develop our capacity to

service the industry not only in Ghana but in the wider regional market. With the Atuabo Freeport,

local content can be given a major impetus with an increase in Ghanaian participation in the

percentage of locally produced materials, the number of local personnel, and the amount of goods

and services rendered in the petroleum industry value chain.

The argument by the parliamentarians to defend Takoradi Ports and protect jobs of many

Ghanaians working there cannot be justified. Indeed, the Atuabo Freeport project is

complimentary to that of Takoradi and will not displace any workers as being claimed. Quite on

the contrary, the new port will rather create more new job opportunities for Ghanaians. Ghana is currently building a second FPSO for the TEN project and it is being done in Singapore

with very limited Ghanaian participation. Given the oil discovery of our West Coast, Ghana is

expected to have at least six FPSO’s in operation offshore Ghana. Fabrication work holds immense

potential for service providers and the existence of a fabrication yard at the Atuabo Freeport will

serve us well.

The 1974 SOLAS Convention of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which took effect

on 1st July 2004; International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code would be applied at the

Port. Therefore the argument by the detractors of the project that this new port will pose a

security risk to Ghana is flawed because there will be a dedicated facility located at the port to

oversee security.

The local content and participation provisions within our Petroleum Laws seek to promote the

maximization of value addition through the use of local expertise, goods, services and materials in

petroleum activities and the retention in country of as much activity as possible.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing and industrial base of Ghana is at this point in time not

sufficiently mature to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the industry. As such, most

goods utilized in the petroleum values chain are imported. We believe the Atuabo free port project

would maximize in-country spending, build local capacity and help ensure technology and know

ledge transfer.

We call on the detractors of the project to put an end to their shortsighted machinations and

perhaps their personal interest. They are after all, members of the same parliament that approved

the project and to turn around to somehow declare the approval by the house as illegal is rather


Nuertey Adzeman

Executive Director.


GOGSPA disappointed with MPs against Atuabo project