Ghana National Chambers of Licensed Banker to Banker Lotto Operatorrs and Agents (GNCLBBLOA) under the auspices of Mr. Frank Adjei (Founder and leader) has finally accept and paid the 1 million cedis Banker to Banker license fee which was proposed by the Government under the National Lottery Authority.

According to the GNCLBBLOA they fully support the license fees of 1 million Ghana cedis for private lotto operators approved by the board of NLA, Mr. Frank Adjei was the first lotto operator in Ghana to pay the one million Ghana cedis to the NLA as license fees on 15th March, 2018.

The GNCLBBLOA is the largest and strongest Banker to Banker lotto group in Ghana which operates over 200 lotto agents, 170 lotto sub-agents and over 150,000 lotto writers under the leadership of Mr. Frank Adjei.

The group is therefore grateful to Mr. Kofi Osei Ameyaw, Director General of National Lottery Authority and the NLA board for the decision of taking pragmatic steps to register and license the operators, Agents and writers of Banker to Banker Lottery under the public-private partnership in accordance with the NLA act, 2006 (act 722).

Finally the group is urging the NLA, Ghana police and the government to arrest Nigerians, Chinese and other foreigners who are operating lotto business in Ghana especially Vitarex Odele (Olembe) a Nigerian who is illegally operating lotto business in the Brong- Ahafo region which is against the lotto Act, 2006 (Act 722)

Kwame Asare


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