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The Ghana National Association of Small Scale miners in their commitment to steer the good affairs of their dream have sworn in its newly elected national executive in Kumasi.

During the swearing of these new executive such as the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, treasurer etc, the association vowed to heavily descend on those recalcitrants who are still practising illegalities to tarnish the image of the association.

They therefore plead with the government to as a matter of urgency help them on grounds of excavator provision, washing machines, fund to support tax force so that they may be able to fight the course of illegality well.

Speaking to Mr. Philip Akuffo, the newly elected national President of the association he pleaded with the other executives and all members to make unity a priority since that’s the only way through which their dream course of fighting illegalities from the system would come true. He also called on everyone to join the association.

He however thanked the predecessors of the association as their best effort is well acknowledged, and disclosed that the association is now going to use technologies in order to help ease movements on the grounds of license acquisition etc.

He vowed to form a strong team in order to make the association a successful firm.

“I entreat all members to come together so that we are able to help the government fight the course of illegality. Efforts have been put to eradicate most of them though, but still there are some recalcitrants hidden somewhere.

“We also plead with the government to provide us with excavators since that has been one of the challenge why most people don’t want to join the legal stream hence practising illegal mining”, he said

Kwame Asare


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