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The national executive director for GNACOPS explained that the GNACOPS organization which is barely one year and is helping private schools in Ghana in terms of reading and was officially launched on the 19 of January 2018 for the benefits of private schools in Ghana.

He stated that GNACOPS and ZEPTO meant to have effective teachings on the modern technological way in all private schools.

In other to make teaching and learning more easier , ZEPTO provided gadgets from South Africa and united States as well for their meeting.

ICT masters were also present to show the school proprietors the best way to use ICT tools to make learning more interesting.

GNACOPS collaborated with NRA to launch important library books the students will be needing.

The director for GNACOPS in a statement said the NADOLIBS is an organization in which the council and NRA made their mind to donate 30,000 books for private schools in order to make reading more easier for the students because more times the private schools doesn’t get the chance to get books to read from the organizations responsible for delivering books.

Now we have gotten the international recognition to provide the schools with library books.

Since the books cover all aspects of human endeavor, it will also teach the child how to use available resources to solve societal issues and to develop the society in humanity. It will also help to produce independent mindered citizens and leaders who are not just academicians but are highly filled with spiritual and moral integrity he added.

GNACOPS in collaboration with NRA launched this operation read a book by distributing books free to private schools.

We believe that it will Help in the standards of academics in private schools in Ghana an will plead with the proprietors of various schools to distribute them to the students and not to display in the cupboards.

We will ensure you that within the shortest possible time all private schools will be supplied with books in their libraries .

He concluded that the organization NADOLIBS is opened to anyone who wants to get books to supply his or her private schools or private libraries, they will help to make students improve in reading and the books are free, strictly not for sale.
Fill the knowledge by reading and stop feeding cockroaches with books.
Marian Fouillard Winful.


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