ecently there has been a wind of online payment services blowing in Ghana. These services in one form or the other seek to bring convenience and ease of transaction from one wallet, bank, or platform to another.

The latest addition to the ever-growing payment services in Ghana is GN Mobile Money powered by GN Bank.

Launched in 2017, GNMM service offers a “bank account” (i.e. Wallet) to users of mobile phones using their SIM numbers that allow easy and safe management of cash in real time.

The service which is available on all mobile networks uniquely combines mobile money with mobile banking.



Using GNMM is pretty straightforward and easy with a standard shortcode *712# available on all networks and mobile devices

gn mobile money

With GN Mobile Money users are able to save money, transfer money, pay bills and buy airtime for all networks all from their mobile devices.

Additionally, customers of GN Bank are able to have remote access to their bank accounts via the mobile money service to check their bank account balances, view mini statements and transfer money from one account to the other.

With this unique product, GN Bank has made it possible for increased financial inclusion by welcoming every mobile phone user to have a wallet on their phones.



All you need to do is to dial the access code: *712# on any network. You will be prompted with a pre-registration process which will be followed by your initial pin delivered to you by SMS.

gn mobile money

Registration process is pretty simple with Your name and phone number

gn mobile money


The SMS confirmation indicates your account/wallet has been opened and from there, users can enjoy services on the platform such as :

  • Balance Check: Both wallet and Bank accounts.
  • Transfers: Account-to-Account; Account-to-Wallet; Wallet-to-Account; Wallet-to-Wallet
  • Cash Transactions: Withdraw or send cash using a “Token.”
  • Bill Payments: Payment for services like FDTV, GN Electronics, Coconut Grove Hotels, ECG, DSTv, GWCL, etc.
  • Airtime/Credit Top-up
  • Process loans and investments
  • Many more

gn mobile money

For GN Bank customers an added advantage comes with linking their bank accounts to the service to view min statements, check balances and use the GN mobile money platform to perform various forms of transaction.

So how much does all this cost in terms of transactional charges?

Surprisingly the pricing is relatively cheaper than most competitors out there with a flat rate model, irrespective of the amount you are transacting in.

With added advantages such as flexibility, total security, and convenience of accessing money on mobile phones at any location and on any type of mobile phone device GN Mobile Money sure looks a force to reckon with in the Fintech industry in Ghana.

To learn more the service, visit their website

Get in touch with them via phone (+233) 302 747 474 or connect via Whatsapp line 0501615868

You may also follow their handles on social media:


INSTAGRAM: gnmobilemoney

TWITTER: @GNMobileMoney



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