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Historically, we have had several instances where the political ruling elites have conveniently and successfully changed the rules of engagement to their advantage even when it was so clear to the disadvantage of the ordinary Ghanaian.
We can make reference to the deregulation of the petroleum sector ardently defended and introduced by the John Agyekum Kufuor administration. By the import of this, whenever the price of crude oil rises, it is passed on to the ordinary consumer and in the same vein, citizens were to be the beneficiary of the price decline.
However, we have had occasions where both the NPP and NDC administrations have simply ignored and implemented the policy mostly when prices are higher and left prices either static or marginally low when there is a reduction, much to the discomfort of the average Ghanaian.
Typical example was when the Hon Kwaku Kwarteng challenged the pricing formula of petroleum products at the Accra High Court under His Excellency the Late Prof. J.E.A Mills. Even though the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, the then NDC administration was reluctant to comply with the High Court ruling.

This narrative to us clearly demonstrates the deficit in putting the social wellbeing of the Ghanaian first. We will like to use this medium to conscientize citizens on the need to manage their expectations post-election 2020 and also legitimately question the source of funding for these freebies.

Bearing in mind the adverse effects of COVID-19 globally, particularly in key areas such as; tourism (a prominent earning industry for the economy), education, and employment. We find it strange the massive political promises of free government social interventions and will like to question what is fueling this flag of expectations being drawn by political actors as against the capacity of the Ghanaian economy to support such a course in the face of COVID-19.

We will also like to point out some observations as we prepare for the general elections. These include:

  1. Almost every political administration within the fourth republic has recorded incidents of both official corruption and many other scandals. To us, the reaction when these occur is what every intelligent Ghanaian should pay attention to.

  2. Our take on the virtual wholesale peace campaign is that it is often over stretched and misdirected over intelligent security network. It must rather focus on targeted submarine approach within the high-risk profiling of the population.

  3. We urge young people and first-time voters to vote for political leaders who shall endeavor to depart from the old order of gifted initiatives for the youth to the forging of strategic alliances and partnership with the next generation in view.

    Signed by Frank Paa-Kumi
    Chief of Party, PALI Initiatives
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