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It’s pretty much public knowledge that Wendy Shay and her brand has been been under a whole lot of crtitisms lately. From news about how she looks, her choice of clothes, mannerisms to her intellectual standing, Ghanaians have stretched her to the very end.

According to Wendy in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, her heart is broken as a result of the rather unfriendly reception she has gotten from Ghanaians after her return from Germany to settle here.

“Back in Germany, I was fighting the issue of racism so I thought coming home would have been the better choice but I was welcomed with all these things and at a point, I asked myself why me. I just didn’t get it, everything I do, people had issues with it”, she said.

Wendy however stated that she is unrelentless, focused on her career and nothing can stray her away from the course that she’s on, expressing that eventually she will win the hearts of Ghanaians.


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