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Movie producer Ola Michael has descended heavily on Ghanaian politicians over the legalization of Marijuana.

Speaking on hitz fm as an entertainment pundit, Ola furiously condemned politicians decisions on burning Marijuana.

“I do not see anything wrong with us legalizing the exportation of marijuana. I see everything wrong with us seizing tons of marijuana, burning them on camera. I don’t see the sense in that”.

He continued to say that Marijuana is fetching some countries like Holland huge amounts of money but ignorance is what has made our leaders close their eyes to it.

“You are here begging for money, meanwhile you are burning something that can get you more money. I don’t understand ” – he added

He revealed that he’s worked with a lot of politicians and he can state without fear that most of the politicians in Ghana are daft, and have no idea or knowledge about the usefulness of Marijuana as a crop


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