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Sound engineer Possigee has grieved about how some artists he helped a decade ago turned down his offer to feature his artist Nautyca.

According to the CEO of MOB records, Ghanaian music is not growing due to hatred in the industry.

He said this in a recent interview on hitz fm.

Narrating the ordeal, Possigee shared that he contacted some big artists he helped some years ago to feature his artist but surprisingly they turned him down.

He noted that it wasn’t because of money but they just feel bossy and do not see reasons to feature young artists.

He stressed that if this act continues, then the music industry will continue to plummit.

“If we refuse to feature each other, Ghana music will keep going down”.

He ended by saying that he has deleted the contacts of the artists whose names he withheld.

“I deleted numbers of artistes who refused to help me back when I needed them”.


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