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The political science lecturer at the University of Ghana has denied all the allegations against him in the latest expose video on sexual harassment in universities.

Professor Gyampo was recorded on video in an attempt to win over a final year student who had come to him for ‘academic assistant’. The was heard asking the lady to engage him sexually in return for all the grades she could ever need to complete her stay in the school.

Sexual relations in school campuses are highly forbidden and are treated with the needed scrutiny; therefore school officials have been asked by the pubic to take drastic measures in ensuring that cases of abuse and assault are rebuked.

The entire African community have reacted to the news and are asking that the right actions be taken as victims of these abuse of powers and assault have come out to share their plight and their pain on their experiences with some lectures.

The University of Ghana Professor, has however expressed his gross displeasure on the matter amidst all the information available and has rubbished all allegations leveled against him.

In an interview with Citi News, he said; ‘I didn’t see anything like that [in the video] and I have not done anything like that’.

He also explained in an interview with Joyprime with that the conversation wasn’t as perceived by the public, as it didn’t include the titles stated in the expose.

Prof. Gyampo with a Joyprime reporter


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