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Who is to be blamed? The victim or the perpetrator?

What questions can be asked?

How far are we willing to go to solve this??

Living in a country where education is a privilege than a priority:unpleasant scenes like the recent revealing on BBC on the alleged ‘Sex for grades’ documentary is one of the many vices that happen in our educational system.

In a clear case of abuse and sexual harassment, investigations have been conducted by BBC’s African Eye on the topic; ‘SEX FOR GRADES’: a discussion that has been on the mouths of many.

In the recent findings, university lecturers have been found guilty of almost all the allegations leveled against them by their victims on countless occasions of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and possible threats.

As it is the norm in many universities, the grades of students are highly decided by lecturers, hence is is just right to have a healthy relationship with your lecturer once on campus.

Ideally, most “dull and lazy, but heavily endowed” female students have always had an upper hand in this as they tend to “use what they have to get what they want” as and when the need be. People have reportedly graduated from schools with little or no knowledge of what they have been taught, but for the single fact of the “sexual transactions” they made on campus, have graduated successfully.

This has however taken a different turn as some lecturers are reportedly chasing down students with their sexual pleasures in return for the grades they worked for/deserve.

Reports haven been heard of abuse in the past by lecturers of some universities, and the right things have not been done for the lack of substantial evidence against the perpetrators.

BBC African Eye for years have followed the stories with reports from victims of these injustices and has finally released some tapes and videos recorded from encounters with  lectures in Ghana and Nigeria in an undercover investigation.

The reports didn’t show any less of what was instigated; but the shocker here is the level of confidence and comfort at which these crimes are committed on a daily basis.

With all seen and said on the matter, we strongly hope that the right measures will be taken to help reset these abnormalities and also restore sanity in our educational system.

We at openghana are highly interested in the development of this news and promise to keep you updated on all the happenings around it.

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