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If as a president you knew your country is structured as a primary commodity producer, and could identify that as a key factor on the worst performance of your economy, do you sit aloof and allow it to deteriorate? You have to ascribe solutions either short, medium or long term.

Ghanaians voted against you because you were clueless. Luckily enough your party has given you another opportunity to lead them as a flag bearer. It seems you don’t even value this great opportunity. You keep on telling Ghanaians that economic indicators mean nothing to you. Who will take you serious when you continue to play to the galerry. Mr former president you may be speaking to a certain group of naive voters. But remember we are all not naive. And it’s not all of us who have short memories.

If the current president Nana Akufo-Addo has found a clue to change the structure from primary commodity producer one by implementing the 1D1F policy to a value enhanced commodity producer one, are you not sure he stands a better chance than you?

Mr former president until you learn to solve fundamental and critical problems of this country, Ghanaians would never take you serious. I hope you understand the importance of FreeSHS, mobile interoperability, 1V1D, PF&J, 1$ Million per constituency, 1C1A, 1C1W, NIA card, COVID-19 management, Year of road fixing, encouraging economic growth rate, reduced debt to GDP ratio, employable economy, reduced lending rate, infrastructural development, etc, etc?

It only takes a thinking government and a visionary leader who can implement these thought provoking policies and works that ensures to the benefit of its citizenry.

Pls go and come no more but in your stead get a competent person as a leader next time around otherwise the value will be the same.

A word to the wise is enough.

Dr Emmanuel Amankwah



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