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Mr Richard Boakye Marfo the Headmaster for Kwasi Nyarko Presby Primary school in  Upper West Akim District of the eastern region  has Renovated the whole school infrastructure with his own Money.    

He revealed that as  the school was established in 1965 and since then it has never been painted.   

He painted  the schools building with strength.  

He weeded the school compound  because they  had a long break during the outbreak of the novel COVID-19, the because of that the whole environment looks like a forest which his  primary pupils cannot weed and the community is not ready to help so he took it upon himself to   weed premises.  

However, he also Renovated a school bungalow which was in a bad state by painting, changing of seeling and  changing of Electrification cables.  

In all he spent  more than  Ghana cedis  6000 from  his own pocket money.   

His urging all teachers and Headmasters to support the schools they find their selves in.  

By Kamal Ahmed,  Kwasi Nyarko


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