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One would expect a rapper to blow his horns when the ‘Who Is The Best Rapper’ question is asked, as the existence of the ‘rapper ego’ is an actual thing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be called the best at anything really.

Rapper Joey B however has put his pride aside as an Mcee and given his genuine opinion on the matter, boldly stating that Elom Adablah, popularly known in showbiz circles as E.L. is the best rapper in Ghana without a shadow of doubt.

In an interview on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty, Joey B hailed E.Ls penmanship, and further expressed that he was multitalented, as he was not just a rapper but a beat producer and sound engineer all in one.

The question of who the best rapper in Ghana has always been one to stir up controversies within the music industry and rap fraternity in Ghana. Somewhere last year, we saw Sarkodie and Manifest go at each other’s throats to prove who was most lyrical.

Well, they say opinions are like noses, so everyone has one. What’s your opinion though? Who is the Best Rapper in Ghana?


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