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While it’s easy to look at Dropbox and G Suite as competitors, many have wanted to see the two services align.
Dropbox has announced that this is happening, with business customers gaining access to deep integration with Google Docs, SpreadSheets, and Slides.
The integration, currently in open beta, brings the best of the two services together, with Dropbox handling the file management and Google providing the editor
For example, it’s now possible to create Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly inside your Dropbox folders.
These files are able to be edited using the familiar Google UI directly from Dropbox, managed using any Dropbox client, and shared using Dropbox’s own sharing controls.
Similarly, when opening a traditional office file (such as .docx) from the Dropbox web client, Google’s editor will open inside
When you’re done editing your document, you can save it right back to the same file, without losing the format. This brings the simplicity and power of the Google Docs, SpreadSheets, and Slides editors to the portability of real files in Dropbox.


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