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NAYAK Afriik, producers of ‘Omama’ Royal Chocolate (Omama Chocolate Ghana) has advised men in the Country not to take refuge in alcohol but use ‘Omama’ Royal Chocolate because of its health benefits .

According to the company, the product seeks to enhance the performance of men in bed.
It also seeks to fight against many diseases among Ghanaians because of its low sugar content, high cocoa value and no side effect addictives.Among the disease that the Omama Royal Chocolate(Omama Chocolate Ghana) fight includes impotency among men, visual disorders and many forms of cancers.
Other health benefits that can be derived from ‘Omama’ Royal Chocolate (Omama Chocolate Ghana) includes the following :
I.very nutritious
2. Source of antioxidants
3.Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure
4.Reduce heart disease
5.Improves brain functions
6.Serve as a skin toner, it gives younger looking skin and repairs damaged skin tissues
7.Fight against many forms of cancers
8.Controls cholesterol
9.Prevents visual disorders
10. Prevent cough problems.
‘Omama’ Royal Chocolate(Omama chocolate Ghana) which is made from 100% Premium Ghana Cocoa , is the first non-clothing produced by Nayak Afrik.

Nayak Afrik is known over the years for its quality in fabrics and fashion, and the company has said the same quality in product is expected to be the mark of the new chocolate product.

Nayak Afrik is proud to be contributing to the growth of Ghana’s economy by adding value to local raw materials before exporting.

The company is poised to support the Nation’s vision to increase local production and revenue generation in the country as well as promote Ghana to the world.

‘Omama’ Royal Chocolate(Omama chocolate Ghana) is made from the finest Ghanaian Cocoa, and comes in various sizes and flavours (Omama Royal Milk Chocolate and Omama Royal Dark Chocolate) Omama milk chocolate(omama chocolate Ghana) is the only milk chocolate with a high cocoa content on the market.

Parents are encouraged to include ‘Omama’ milk chocolate(Omama Chocolate Ghana) in the daily menu of their children to improve the thinking ability of pupils at the basic level.

The product is recommended to be served at engagements, weddings, parties, workshops and siminars by government agencies and other corporate bodies.

Omama Royal Chocolate (Omama Chocolate Ghana) is currently available on the local and international markets
Is also available at Trade Fair, La-Accra, Bowa House,Adabraka – Accra
Kumasi :NAYAK TOWERS – Adum


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