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“I’m a change agent and what I’m doing has saved many lives contrary to what people think about my teachings. Many people are frustrated and depressed and need psychological help. They mostly don’t have people to talk to and harbor suicidal thoughts and I receive calls from such people daily.

“I may not be making sense to some people but many people are also benefitting from my services so it is not compulsory for anyone to accept what I say. If you think what I’m saying is not making sense, you can switch off your devices when you see or hear me talk”; were the words of Counselor Lutterodt who has been tagged as nuisance by the Ghana Psychological Counsel.

Ever since the news hit the internet, Counselor Lutterodt and has been on the defensive side as expected of him and has advised that people could switch off their radio or television sets when he is expressing his opinion about an issue if they they think it’s offensive to them or doesn’t sound right.

He also added, “Anyone who knows me from the days of Radio Univers will testify that I never called myself counsellor but gradually, people started calling me counsellor when I started appearing on radio and television shows and I have accepted it as my brand for what I’m doing,”.

This was recorded on his session on Adom Fm’s Entertainmnet Review Show.


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