The chamber finds it disgusting the findings of bureau of national investigation (BNI) and national security clearing BOST MD Mr Alfred Obeng of any wrong doing.
This follows investigations conducted by two state security agencies into a controversial sale of contaminated fuel to Movenpiina company limited.

The chamber finds a lot of questions involving BOST, Movenpiina and BNI unanswered.
In an interview with Sampson Addae, (Research, Pricing and Monitoring) he said something stinks in their findings and therefore calling for an independent committee to probe this questionable transaction.

The concerns raised by BNI as bases to clear BOST MD is very distasteful and one can only take it with a pinch of salt.
Setting the record straight he said, as a competent MD, Mr Obeng interdicted officers alleged to have caused the contamination and set up a six member committee chaired by Mr Edmund Aquah (Head of internal Audit Department) and Mr Obeng in a likewise manner failed to step aside and have a committee look into the matter to avoid conflict of interest, secondly the competent MD has received a draft copy of his six member committee report and waiting for the final report on July 7, 2017, also the chamber is dumbfounded that Mr Obeng did not wait to get the final report before taking the decision to sell the product to Movenpiina in such a questionable transaction.

Furthermore Contaminated product are not used for industrial purposes such as asphalt processing, texture and cement manufacturing more over the chamber is amazed that, slop/sludge which is used for the above is referred to as contaminated this indication that no technical personnel was included in the investigation.

Again, In a vital investigation like this, BNI and National security would have served us good by providing the names of all the fifteen companies that expressed interest to buy the product.

Again what motivated Movenpiina to pay GHS 1.30 per litre after their initial offer of GHS 0.90 per litre.

Finally It was also clear that Movenpiina was registered at the registral general’s department but were not licensed by NPA to do downstream petroleum transactions. It is illegal for unlicensed company to do downstream petroleum transactions under NPA act, Act 11 and 12. BNI did not show interest in dealing with Movenpiina against such illegal conduct but were quick to clear BOST MD and defend Movenpiina.
BNI did not also do further investigations to prove that the contaminated fuel is not at the pump.

The chamber finds this report as PRO gimmicks and only seek to deceive Ghanaians and It is also clear, that the report is used as a way to rationalize corruption and sweep things under the carpet.

We are by this calling on the President to form a new committee comprising of Judiciary, Parliament, Clergy and Stakeholders to ascertain the truth of BOST contaminated fuel saga.
Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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