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The Passionate Africa Leadership Institute (PALI) under auspices of Paa Kumi Frank in the view of the western Togoland brouhaha has called on the government and the national security to act as quick as possible to place Volta and it’s environs under “Red Alert”

According to the Passionate Africa Leadership Institute (PALI), they have observed with grave concern the growing scale of a possible threat to our national cohesion and peaceful co-existence with reference to pockets of activities of separatist movements operating within the Volta enclave which is very much at variance with the spirit and letter of our constitution.

The institute therefore condemn their unlawful engagements over the past few weeks and encourages our national security to be proactive and apt, instead of the reactionary measures currently being applied.

PALI thinks Situations whereby these separation elements operate at the blind side of our National Security apparatus has become one too many and could have dire consequences in the long-run.

There is an urgent need for us to enhance our intelligence gathering in order to pre-empt and foil such planned-attacks. A further delay in turning the situation around could escalate the negative outcomes of our upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections with its attendant security implications.

The institute is perturbed, and legitimately so, due to past and recent raids within the parameters of our security zones, particular of mention are some police stations both outside and within Accra; Ghanaweb reported an incident where a cop was shot dead at the Kwabenya Police Station on Sunday, January 21, 2018. Also, Inspector Emmanuel Ashievi, on routine duty post lost his life, where alleged robbers managed and freed seven cell inmates in lawful custody.

Again, few months ago, the Nima Police Station recorded a theft case and burglary attack on the station whose location is not too far away from the police station headquarters of our republic.

In all these cases, what is instructive to note is that their operations were fully successful with no response from our security personnel.

We need to consider placing ‘Volta Region’ and its immediate environs under “Red Alert” to avoid being overtaken by surprises.

The institute is unimpressed by the reactionary approach and subsequent dispatching of security detail to man some state facilities and installation of national significance after it had been attacked, obviously this is not the best and would not augur well for the safe guarding of our peace particularly looking at the increasing political climate.

PALI urges government and the security architecture to revisit the region in reference to security and go back to the drawing board fully anticipative of all scenarios of possible threats and a counter –strategy. We therefore calls for the setting up of a contingency special- security intelligence taskforce in addition to the foregone recommendation.

Signed by Paa Kumi Frank
Chief of Party, PALI-Initiatives
+233 (0) 239168147
Kwame Asare


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