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The West Africa traditional and alternative medical, awards CEO of Kenoga company limited Dr. Kennedy Owusu Agyeman producers of Time herbal bitters

Dr. Kennedy Owusu Agyemen was awarded as the most influential Herbal medicine and also the best distributor in Ghana.

Expressing his gratitude to the organisers the of the above awards event he thanked all his customers and promised major improvement ahead.Dr. Kennedy Owusu Agyeman continued that everything in this wonderful world that the end product is good is not easy to gain it all but I know it is been first of all the works of the Almighty God and also our hard works that has made it to this far. it’s is not our wisdom the good Lord that has favored us to be awarded as the most influential Herbal medicine and the Best distributor as well.

Dr. goes further to explain that the benefit to achieve your goals is by advertisement even though it is not easy but in other for people to get to know about the products so I will advise all Herbal companies to do so because it really helps a lot.

Most Herbal companies relax just because they are successful but time herbal mixture we promise all Ghanaians we will bring the best of our products to you all and sooner get to see and hear more than this.

I will conclude with advising all my good friends from the herbal companies to work and achieve it all and also make it to the max as I have done it. I will again speak on the advertisement of your products after you have gone through with the registration.

Dr. Kennedy Owusu Agyeman finalizes his statement by letting Ghanaians know he always maintain the quality of their herbal products.
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