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Do you ever hear a new song but as you are listening to it, it starts to remind you of another song? Many singer/songwriters are accused of stealing other artistes’ songs, and this happens more than you think it does. New or old this has been happening for many many years now.

Moving forward, Gospel Musician Brother Sammy has added his name to the tall list of Ghanaian musicians who have been accused of song stealing.

Brother Sammy has been accused of stealing his hit song “Aduro Bia Nka D3m”

According to Kumasi based Hiplife musician Jay Wan, Brother Sammy lifted some of his verse on his song Aduro Bia Nka D3m” for his song,sampled and did his version in gospel.

There is, however, only one person’s opinion that actually matters, and that’s the judge’s. The judgment could mean the artist walks away free or has to pay up and give another artist a writing credit. Listen to both songs and share your thoughts on who owns the song. Brother Sammy or Jay Wan ?

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