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The Head Teacher for Bosuso presbyterian Primary school in the Eastern region at the Fanteakwa south district Mr Felix ofoe Teye has taken it upon himself over the risk of lives of Pupils studying under Death Trap Building.

According to him, the Building has turn into a death Trap and it so Dilapidated that when ever it rains they have to move the children from that block to another or they close them even if its not time to close from school

However, the are very worried about the childern sitting and learning under the Building and if nothings is done about the situation and it continues it won’t Yield a positive result in the school.

He also hinted that, not long ago that Hon. NTURI ADGABENG the District chief for Fanteakwa south Assembly came round for inspection and he has promised to see to it that the situation is resolved.

Moreover, he lamented that we are almont into a raining season and they need adequate attention and support from stake holders , philanthropists, GETFUND ,NGO’S and others to help resolve the challenges they are facing.

When it comes to ICT, he said that a Non – Governmental organization known as WORLD VISION has done a lot of them.

They provided some tablet and Projectors which they are using it teach the ICT course but unfortunately they are not having computers and the tablets are not enough for themto handle all the classes so they will be grateful if they will get some computers to enhance smooth learning.


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