Bonuses Of The Ghana Black Stars Down By US $5,000



 The bonuses for the senior national team,Black Stars  has been cut by 50percent to $5000 per player, sources from the Ministry of Youth and Sports indicate.

It is understood that the ministry cannot sustain the current pay of $10,000, however, the resources will be channeled towards helping other sports disciplines that are struggling to raise funding for their activities.

The new pay structure will be implemented in Ghana’s next competitive fixture in November.

Also, members of the management committee will receive $1000 after each game instead of the current structure that allows them to receive same amount as players of the team.

Further information from the Ghana Football Association say that some of the senior players may object the decision as there have already been calls from some of the playing body to have an increase in the bonuses.

The Government’s position on the situation will not change despite the probable agitations from players when the decision is finally enforced.

The decision was taken after the ministry struggled to raise $4m to help the various sporting disciplines participate in the 50th edition of the All African Games to be held in Congo, Brazzaville.

Source: thebftonline

Bonuses Of The Ghana Black Stars Down By US $5,000