Aspiring  NPP National Youth Organizer, Nana Bediako Dannsa Appiah, with an interview with has told Party Delegates that they are to be blamed for ill treatment being meted out to them.

Explaining his why, he said his statement is premise in the fact that some Ministers and Government Appointees are holding positions because Delegates worked for the party for some to come to power, but thereafter maltreat these delegates and party faithfuls.

According to Nana Bediako Appiah, Some of these ministers and government Appointees go to the extent of employing their daughters and sons who never went on a campaign trail talk more of carrying chairs or standing in rain to listen to the Presidential Candidate back then.

Therefore urging delegates that is set time for them to make a choice  between so called “big names” who go into hibernation after you help them up and someone who was with you during the days of carrying chairs, mounting of stage and further stood and sat in the rains with you to listen to the President and vice Presidential candidates then.
You are to choose between someone who will always be there for you and with you for your own welfare and not someone who thinks it is his inherent right to be where he is without your support, this I say delegates are to be blamed for the ill treatment being meted out to them by secretaries and PAs’ of various Ministers and Government Appointees, he said

Finally, he urged the delegates that the set time for the youth is now to make the goodr choice of candidate to lead them and NPP f or the next 4 years.
Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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