An elderly politician who has lived life worthy of emulation; whose benevolence have seen many would have been dropped outs to all levels of the academic ladders. And today some are medical practitioners with their own clinics.

Speaking to journalist Kwabena Banahene, the aspiring NPP chairman for Awutu Senya East constituency, in the Central Region, Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu, claims that, “I am not in this race to win to use it to amaze worth because I have enough and if for nothing at all my children are well to do.” He says that even his children can look after him until death.

Also lamented about the unpleasant and unpalatable insults and insinuations in politics; and that politics is all about ideas and development.

Finally, Dr. Saiid addressed some major loopholes in the constituency, where he stated that, currently the constituency don’t have any proper place they can point as constituency party office, so when he is giving the nod the party office will be his first priority and will also help check indiscipline party members and executives.
Kwabena Agyekum Banahene Asumanu jnr


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